About MylilDreamer

MylilDreamer Designs is an online business founded by ,Lorren Lee, situated in the beautiful Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia Canada.  MylilDreamer Designs are to encourage children from an early age to build self-esteem and dream.”Nothing happens unless first a dream.”from -CARL SANBURG-What better ways to achieve this purpose by offering a child a gift with their name on and that match their interests to inspire them to explore. You will find here customized and personalized children’s gifts.

Personalized children’s gifts

For your little baby dreamer you will find a great selection of themed, occupational baby t-shirts you can choose from. You will also find beautiful wall art that you can personalize and customize to match your nursery decor and create a keepsake for your little dreamer to cherish for many years to come. You will also find here to celebrate your little dreamer soon to be born, some baby shower invitations that you can buy or print.

For your older little dreamer you will find inspirational themed products like t-shirts, posters, mugs, and much more that can be customize and personalize and offer it to any child as a gifts for any occasion. You can also print here from this website, coloring pages, chores charts and meal planners.

The artwork and designs you see on this website are placed on fine products at Zazzle ; a company well-known for it’s high quality of printing and services. At MylilDreamer’s Zazzle store you can browse by themes or subjects and choose a beautiful gift for your little dreamer. Zazzle process all orders and ship internationally.

About our artist

personalized children's giftsLorren Lee is situated in New-Minas, Nova Scotia. When she was a kid she loved drawing, painting, doing crafts and writing short stories. At three years old she got terribly ill and somehow lost the will of life for a year an half vegetating in bed. One day, one of her brother brought her a gift; a coloring book. On the cover of that book was a beautiful mountain goat standing in the snow on top of a mountain under a gorgeous blue sky.That day God gave her a dream she said “to become an artist”. It was not too long she was up running chasing after her dream.

Lorren pursued her education in the field of art and educational technology. She worked in commercial art, animation and designed educational material for children. She founded MyLilDreamer to inspire children to pursue their favorite activities and follow their little/big dreams.